Combo Pack NemoExpress


Use original link.

Deepy, Rommi TZ


3 thoughts on “Combo Pack NemoExpress

  1. Maybe you do not want to understand I’M NOT OFFENDED ANYONE
    I am very well educated enough to read the first comment
    I just replied to your friend (very clever Donetskguerrillas) and to you who confirmed his offenses against me.
    I do not take money from Matdom1988, most of the trailers in ETS2studio have been reworked by him (2 sides) + templates.
    and it created some very wonderful works and is creating new jobs all for private use because of people like you.
    I do not know English, but I can assure you that I have not offended anyone

  2. You’re probably more cretin man in this community do not have time to read all comments made ​​by people without preoccupations .
    The main author of this trailer is Rommi TZ , he created the 3D model , not Matdom1988 .
    Matdom1988 reworked trailer from SCS Software for ETS2 Studio.
    zoso , you ###### that night.

    1. I’m not an #####, and I’m not ######
      I learned to read specified exactly what you wrote
      The original trailer was created by TZ is this: TZ express Schmitz S.KO Folding Wall Box, and contains 20 skins.
      You used trailer ets2studio? (1 skin / standalone / AI traffic)
      However I do not want to argue with people who pretend not to understand. It was the simplest answer I do not want to add the name of Matdom1988, do not you think.
      Closed discussion you’re right, I got it all wrong

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