Combo Pack Scania RJL Poker Party Skin

*Combo pack Scania Poker Party Skin
*Scania RJL + Schmitz Trailer
*Tested in game version 1.27

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Enjoy !

FloppySRB, Truck: ”RJL”, Trailer: ”TZ Schimitz S.KO”


5 thoughts on “Combo Pack Scania RJL Poker Party Skin

  1. Trailer not updated for 1.27……..

    1. FloppySRB

      ###, mod for 1.27 !

  2. serhat besimli

    can you please share the sidebar and lobar ?

  3. serhat besimli

    can you share the labor and sidebar mod link please?

  4. He forgets his Trailer this time.Last time he forgot his truckskin for 1.27….

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