Combo skin Franz Wirtz GmbH

Scania S
Krone Cool Liner
DLC “Krone Trailers Pack” must be installed
SCS Box Trailer

install mods
Abasstreppas wheel pack
Legendary tuning addon pack “50k addons”
Wheel Pack BY 50KEDA V5.2


DOWNLOAD 8 MB [mirror]

2 thoughts on “Combo skin Franz Wirtz GmbH

  1. In Japan, the Rising Sun flag is the same pattern as the Haken Kreuz flag.
    This is a sentence you should not use.

    1. The Company WIRTZ uses this Design about many Years.
      But we live in Germany (Europe), not in the Far East.

      So, why we shall not use the Design of the Company for Repaints? 🤣

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