Company Trailer Pack


Company List:
Bcp – Grey
Empty – White
Euroacres – Kühne + Nagel
Eurogoodies – Dachser
Itcc – Alfred Talke
Lkwlog – Db Schenker
Posped – Raben
Transinet – Fresh Logistics (raben Group)
Stokes – Dhl
Tradeaux – Cargoline (schmidt)
Trameri – Logwin
Wgcc – Basf



7 Responses to Company Trailer Pack

  1. syzmond says:

    Link doesn’t work :/ .

  2. LEA says:

    @EN_HA-TRUCKER . sry aber antivirenprogramm blockiert datei !

  3. Meister says:

    Great work! But in the first klick at the Download-Button there is a window with another download file, CLOSE THAT, GUYS! (It’s advertising^^) and click again on the Download-Button, than it works and you download the real file.

    • LEA says:

      danke fuer deine antwort ! hab ihn schon geladen . schoener mod .-)

  4. adam says:

    Everything works fine. Thanks for good job

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