Complete Winter Mod v 2.5.1


Its patch to my winter mod. Tested and working on v1.21 and 1.22.

– Fixed all red texture errors
– Changed air temperature
– Deleted all agriculture stuff from Poland Rebuilding

Author: satan19990

DOWNLOAD 1 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 1 MB [Sharemods]

38 thoughts on “Complete Winter Mod v 2.5.1

  1. Works with ProMods?

  2. satan19990


    1. Hey what is the password for the file?

  3. does it Work with TSM beacuse everytime i try to use the mod the game crash ???

  4. bad mod dude…. there is LIGHTING AND THUNDER
    the sound of rain is like rain, NOT LIKE SNOW….snow doesnt hear
    i want to delete all the snow roads…..
    – BUT I CANT!!!
    and you should give your life to JEASUS, not to satan…. you are LOST MAN!!!

    1. ever heard of thundersnow? There is no scientific reason why lightening cannot exist in winter, and the thunder is caused by frontal systems sliding under each other, when there is high enough winds and shear aloft. in fact, by keeping the thunder and lightening it had realism to a game that badly needs it…because right now, the weather is about the only realistic thing away from the trucks…the towns are all the same garbage

  5. Mod not work beta
    Old profil not work!
    New profil not work!

  6. Mod not work Beta
    Old Profil not Work!
    New Profil not Work

  7. does it work with MHA map?

  8. I need also previous mode, right?

  9. Trafic lights are red again

  10. #### Admin

    Mod not Work for beta

  11. i have orginal ets 2 steam version.. but winter don’t work.. crash .. why?

    1. Because this mod is old and doesn´t work on the latest versions of Euro Truck Simulator 2. The creator of the mod is believed that we are ######, this mod is created in 2013. The creator is an authentic #####

      Now the mod´s creator write a comment saying that the mod is new and blablabla …….all lies

      1. only an ##### like me, believed a 1 mb download is a full winter mod….i discovered this was a patch, to the full winter mod, taking it from 2.5.0 to – 2.5.1 , or 1.21.x to 1.22.x you need the main 342 mb mod, drag that into your folder, then drag this patch into your folder, making sure this patch has priority over the winter mod,

  12. Überprüfe den Mod der geht nicht

  13. WobblyCaptain

    The mod works fine on 1.21xx and this is the patch for 1.22x

  14. Mod not work for 1.21 or 1.22 x
    debatte end !!

    1. WobblyCaptain

      I think this is a patch you may need to add it to version 2.5 to get it to work ?

      1. WobblyCaptain

        (but yes I think this patch dose not work on its own)

    2. WobblyCaptain
      in that video I use CWM 2.5 on v1.21x so tell me again it dose not work look with your own eyes

  15. This mod not work in ets2 1.20 or higher.

    satan19990 can you update and stop making mods for previous versions of the game and then say that the mod work on the latest version of ets2.

    ####### amateur modders.

    1. WobblyCaptain

      I think the description isn’t clear.
      It looks like you need this –
      which works on v1.21
      and add the patch for updates to 1.21 and 1.22 and fix errors.
      I have it working but satan19990 needs to confirm this as its unclear.
      I don’t think the patch on its own works , well it didn’t for me on default map.

    2. foggyburt

      this is a patch, to take the mod from 1.21.x -> 1.22.x

      you call mod makers amateurs and yet you never stopped to think and ask yourself why this mod was only 1 mb in size? its the user’s fault not the creator. although he could have specified this was a patch to his main winter mod.

  16. Works fine for me on Steam ETS 2 1.22.x Beta 64.

  17. es ist eine schlechte Winter!

  18. Hello, GREAT mod so far. I only have one complaint. Could you tell me how to lower the rolling resistance with the extreme version? I should be able to get out of 8th gear snow or not in a 650 hp kenworth lol. I truly want some good slippery physics, but with out the super drag that the snow causes 🙁

  19. ItS is not work pleas fix it !

  20. Stephen Butler

    Dear Wobblers:

    Me again. I’m here to verify that this mod is NOT working on today’s update, The trailers are still red textured. Since SCS are installing a new update more or less daily, it seems this mod – certainly the patch – is going to be out of date within 24 hours. Sorry to stalk you. Cheers!

    1. WobblyCaptain

      I have no problems on the 1.22 beta at the moment am using the mod on the MHAPro Map recent patch for the 1.22 beta.
      I don’t know if its different on other maps as I just use the one map for this still working at the moment 🙂

  21. Help please? I made a new profile and I can’t get it to work. I have the complete winter mod 2.5 installed and this patch and they are the only mods installed on that profile yet it keeps on crashing. What can I do?

  22. Mod läuft nur mit HDR fix, ist der deaktiviert schmiert mein Spiel ab.

  23. foggyburt

    i have no idea why they bothered saying this was 1.22 compatible because it is most definitely not. No matter what I do to try and get this mod to work, it does not. it also causes the client to crash when exiting the game in steam

  24. MaxiZarich

    Am Maxi Zarich, i made many maps like peru, argentina, uruguay and others. And now i have new project. I need snow mod adapted to my new map, it will calls “IN THE COLD” the map is Alaska. If are you interesting send me a menssage to [email protected]

  25. If you password protect your files i can not verify that they aren’t infected with malicious code, Can’t recommend because of that reason.

  26. Doesn’t work with 1.22

    1. you need both 2.5 and 2.5.1 to make it work

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