Complic Map v 2.1 (1.31x)

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Complic Map Is A Map Based On Complicated Brazilian Roads Being Created And With New Updates. These roads are deadly routes that you would love to do again (or not) 😀

Created by:
(Paulo Victor Silva SÁ)

This In Development Phase and In Brief New Cities Will Be Placed To The Map.

You can report errors in the map through the mail: [email protected], please if you can be in Portuguese language.

I hope you like it…

Paulo Victor Silva SÁ


16 Responses to Complic Map v 2.1 (1.31x)

  1. Gabriel548 says:

    is compatible with promods map ?

    • SlavikSD says:

      No, it’s standalone map, you must select module “complic_map.mbd”

  2. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    Very bad

  3. Yosua says:

    What map DLC needed?

  4. Rehan says:

    This is the best map mod i was dreaming about!! Great work!!!

  5. IKE says:

    my first job on this map and i think it a good map am already enjoying. thanks for your good work

  6. Kaushan says:

    When I Try to open Pause menu game is crashing

  7. fortune says:


  8. gertex11 says:

    what terain are add this map?????????

  9. someone says:

    update for 1.32

  10. Abhishek Kamath says:

    This map works in or no

  11. GentlemanGaming says:

    I love this map, Thank you
    Gameplay :

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