Container Samro Trailer


For game versions 1.6.0 – 1.7.1
Replaced Aerodynamic Trailer

Authors: Alex Antonov, dimkatomson


4 thoughts on “Container Samro Trailer

  1. special thanks @ ***Roadhunter

    for the base mod

  2. DarthTurducken

    I’m new to skinning. What DDS file do you have to mod? is it not under vehicle/eu_trailer/company ? I want to do skins for Hamburg Sud, Hapag-Lloyd, etc.

    1. They’re usually in “\vehicle\trailer_eu\gooseneck” for container skins.

      Also, if you look around you can find skins already made of Hamburg Sud, Hapag-Lloyd etc (if you want to save time making them yourself).

      1. DarthTurducken

        OK thanks!

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