Container Trailer Mod


Tested only on version 1.3.1
Author: Nikola Kostovski


22 Responses to Container Trailer Mod

  1. Willers says:

    a bit more information.
    thank you

    • You see 2 containers from 20 ft,so search for them in the game..

      • Денис says:

        А вы не могли бы исправить проблему с габаритными огнями (они не горят)и как исправите (если будите исправлять)то дайте знать. ЗАРАНЕЕ СПС

  2. Willers says:

    is it possible to load it like in your picture?

    • Bart van Ham says:

      If you are picking up the trailer, it will be in the loading position, once you attach it to the truck, it is loaded. (No animations)

  3. Yes,it is..You found the trailer ?

    • Willers says:

      Really… now i think i have to load and test it.
      and if it works…later… 😉
      please tell me where i found the trailer so i could tell you how it works for me…thanx

  4. A High Hamster says:

    this is amazing! great work! would you able to do do something like this for a curtain side trailer?

  5. VanMaurer says:

    I have a problem with it!
    look at the picture, please

    i load it at last, have all other mods switched off, nothing helps

    Can you help me? ’cause it’s a realy nice trailer!

    • DAYZU says:

      Try restarting the game, that’s what I had to do to get it to work properly.

  6. Baba says:

    me too,

    the 2nd container is to long

  7. uzur.... says:

    nikola can u make a lot BDF trailers???trailer pack BDF pls.I suck your cock for that 😀 😀 sry for bad eng

  8. uzur.... says:

    where u from nikola?? my name is olso nikola, but im from serbia 😀

  9. uzur.... says:


  10. DAYZU says:

    Hi Nikola, great looking mod 🙂 Cant wait to test it out.

    You should make sideloader trailer, they can load/unload shipping containers by themselves.

    The sideloader unit (with cranes and hydraulic pump) can attach to a regular skel trailer (like the game uses to carry containers) by locking into the container pins on skel trailer so it just sits on top.

  11. liam says:

    very good trailer but i have notice that the lights on the back dont work also the indicators plz sort it out

  12. Willers says:

    doesnt work for me ;-(
    same problem like VanMaurer or Baba…
    trailer too long.

  13. Lennon Job says:

    Hi, can you please tell me how to install this mod.
    Nice work on the trailer too.

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