Country Map/Extreme Map v 0.3 BETA

Country-Map-Extreme-Map-v-0.3-BETA-1 Country-Map-Extreme-Map-v-0.3-BETA-2

– Added more city
– Add a shortcut to pass a hard road(is your chose if you want to do the hard road or go on shortcut)
– Added some prefab
– Added some new vegetation

Author: Narcis-Gabriel


20 thoughts on “Country Map/Extreme Map v 0.3 BETA

  1. Can it work with the Russia and the MHAPro Eu map at the same time?

    1. narcis1014

      I don’t think so because is stand alone and requierd new profile

  2. for 1.11 update? and please video map

  3. is this for the 1.11 update

  4. This map is full of buging trees!
    Nothing special in this map!

    1. narcis1014

      Trees? Where?

  5. it work on v1.11.1

  6. Game crashes, i’m using v1.11

    1. narcis1014

      not compatibile with 1.11

  7. Why did the map does not work ?? I have the latest patch 1.11 and still writes to me \Problem loading a saved game\ and that’s what I based the map for a new game profile

    1. narcis1014

      need 1.9.24-1.10


    Dont work with me. Can you help me? I start a new profile and i enable the base.scs, map.scs and and i chose the playing module to map1.mbd (that is your map) and then i chose the control method and the gearbox type and when i click finish wizard the game loads to the midle of the bar and then stops and go to the saves

    1. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

      and a warning appears next to the saves box (which does not have any)saying: The save had failed to load, etc etc. and i cant play.
      Please help me (Sorry for my English)

      1. narcis1014

        What version you have? Must be beetwen 1.9.24-1.10

        1. write in comment to this info

        2. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

          I have the 1.11.1. Does not work with this patch?

          1. narcis1014

            no work only with 1.9.24 -1.10

          2. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

            Can you make it work to 1.11.1? Because most of the people have the 1.11.1

          3. narcis1014

            I will try

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