Country Map/Extreme Map v 0.3 BETA

Country-Map-Extreme-Map-v-0.3-BETA-1 Country-Map-Extreme-Map-v-0.3-BETA-2

– Added more city
– Add a shortcut to pass a hard road(is your chose if you want to do the hard road or go on shortcut)
– Added some prefab
– Added some new vegetation

Author: Narcis-Gabriel


20 Responses to Country Map/Extreme Map v 0.3 BETA

  1. Yujin_LI says:

    Can it work with the Russia and the MHAPro Eu map at the same time?

    • narcis1014 says:

      I don’t think so because is stand alone and requierd new profile

  2. Gejan says:

    for 1.11 update? and please video map

  3. bdog says:

    is this for the 1.11 update

  4. DJ says:

    This map is full of buging trees!
    Nothing special in this map!

  5. Naresh says:

    it work on v1.11.1

  6. Hitronic says:

    Game crashes, i’m using v1.11

  7. Narexh says:

    Why did the map does not work ?? I have the latest patch 1.11 and still writes to me \Problem loading a saved game\ and that’s what I based the map for a new game profile

  8. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx says:

    Dont work with me. Can you help me? I start a new profile and i enable the base.scs, map.scs and and i chose the playing module to map1.mbd (that is your map) and then i chose the control method and the gearbox type and when i click finish wizard the game loads to the midle of the bar and then stops and go to the saves

    • xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx says:

      and a warning appears next to the saves box (which does not have any)saying: The save had failed to load, etc etc. and i cant play.
      Please help me (Sorry for my English)

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