Creative Zone Trucking Map

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Project Name : Trucking Map

Compatible Version : 1.27 To 1.31

Type of Map : Standalone

Number of Locations Covered : More Than 4

Md Shahid Ahmmed And Team South Asia


6 thoughts on “Creative Zone Trucking Map

  1. Stephen Butler

    I’m not being critical of the mod itself, but I AM critical of the video, which is a completely USELESS demonstration of the mod. A video that is two-and-a-half minutes long ought to consist mostly of gameplay; not just about fifty-five seconds where you just see a coach speed out of town onto a dirt track and that’s it. That suggests that it is the most interesting thing about the mod, which is what you are trying to sell here, I would have thought? Because of it, I do not recommend downloading the mod.


    1. md shahid ahammed

      Dear stephen,
      That is the problem of the video! Will you reject the mod for this video only??
      I think u have disrespected me and ny hard work..

  2. Looking at the pictures the map looks nice, but yeah video is useless.
    Please make a proper video where you can show us your hard work, also it would be nice if you could make a version with right hand traffic.

  3. Nice work mate, the map is good!

  4. brooooooooooooo

    download link not working…. pls give another link/

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