Croatian Radio Live Streams v1


Radio stations included:
Antena Zagreb
Radio Banovina
MAX Marusevac
MAX Varazdin
Narodni radio
Techno Zagreb

More radio stations coming soon in next version.
What radio stations would be in next version:
Hrvatski Katolicki Radio
Radio Marija
ENTER Zagreb
Totalni FM
SoundSet Plavi

How to install:
copy file in Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder and replace live_streams.sii file

Marko Idzan


5 thoughts on “Croatian Radio Live Streams v1

  1. Lady Scania

    Hvala Marko! Radi!

  2. Mirror until ShareMods is back online

    Credits: Marko Idzan

    1. Updateaj,ne radi!

  3. Updataj ne radi!

  4. not working for downloading fix it

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