Currency pack V1


This add’s new currencies:
Lithuanian LTL
Danish DKK
Latvish LVL
Russian RUB
American USD
Norwegian NOK

If you want a currency added, post it in the comments.



31 thoughts on “Currency pack V1

  1. Swedish please.

    1. indian ruppee………..plzz bro

    2. Yea add swedish, bully. you added norway and demark but not sweden… me sad

      1. gangnamStiel

        Sweeden sucks

  2. el peso argentino por favor

  3. Is there a Japanese version?

  4. andronic gabriel

    in romana

  5. türkiye döviz tl olsun

  6. I agree with Johan. Swedish SEK would be nice!

  7. Can you make Romamian Lei Currency please?

    1. Bogdan, you live in Frankfurt ?

      1. @wegger: Nope. I’m livin’ in Bucharest. *Romania*

        1. I’m sorry, I know someone who is call ‘Bogdan and living in Frankfurt.

          1. No problem buddy. Have a good day 😉

  8. Add SAR (saudi arabia riyal) 5 riyals = 1 Euro

    1. pls add SAR (SAUDI ARABIA RIYAL)

  9. bhaveshh97

    can you please add Indian Currency (Rupees)…??

  10. Thanks! And you too

  11. Nice! 🙂 But Latvians dont have a LVL, but EUR! 🙂

  12. jericho941

    Can you please add Philippine Peso (PHP)?
    1 Euro = 62 Philippine Pesos

  13. Emily Ryan

    What about Australian currency plz

  14. Thanks a lot for Norwegian 🙂

  15. bhaveshh97

    can you please add Indian Currency (Rupees)…??
    1 Euro = 84 rupees

  16. houssem algeria


  17. In Latvia we have EUR now not LVL anymore.

  18. Mine doesn’t work. im i need to start a new profile

  19. Doesn’t show new currencies even with a new profile.

  20. Canadian plese

  21. hannibaljazz

    Canadian plese

  22. Rand/Zar South African Please

  23. Please add INR indian currency rupee

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