Custom all Volvo Sound Engine (W.I.P.) v0.1


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This is my first sound mod (WIP)

Tested in v1.10.1.19s
if you have any suggestions, please tell me, thanks ;).
Sound engine, turbo whistle and others sound created and modified with Sony Vegas 12 by me

Video Time info:
0:19 External camera sound
7:45 Internal Camera sound



10 thoughts on “Custom all Volvo Sound Engine (W.I.P.) v0.1

  1. Tribaltech

    help me, how can I fix this?

    [zipfs] Sorry, seeking in compressed files not allowed (motor_brake_int.ogg)

    i checked and it seems alright, where am i wrong?

  2. kriechbaum


    i think the file has been not repacked like it should be with winrar (compression method). U should try to unzip the mod, then re-zip it and give a try.

    1. Tribaltech

      I just unzip all the files and make a new zip archive using winrar?

      …that’s right?

      1. at compression method from NORMAL change to STORE

        1. Tribaltech

          “STORE” do you mean storage method?

  3. great sound and seems to be almost no sound popping ^^

  4. Tribaltech

    waohh!!! it works guys!!!

    thanks so very much, now im so happy, now all that remains is to update the file

  5. very nice,finaly some nice sounds for the volvo’s

  6. MidniteTrain

    No! I don’t like it. Not clean enough.

  7. if I heard my engine sounding like that I would would be looking for spun bearings, and a bad valve and a loose air cleaner cover from the sounds of it. The rpm top end are ok. keep working at it.

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