Custom chasis for 50k Scania V2.0.5 Fixed


As quite a few people asked me for this I’ll probably be releasing the chasis I currently work on for Axeloff. Just to inform everyone the chasis will have only parts created by me or the ones I got permission to use. Mod will contain ONLY 3 standalone custom chasis 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4 compatible with 50keda’s custom sideskirts one small warning though – 6x will use a diferrent template as the original 6x chasis have rear fenders taken from ingame Scania and I replaced them with 50k’s ones.

Ok after a whole night of fixing, remodelling and testing I finally came up with a 100% working and bugfree version.
And so heres the very new, still warm, covered in sweat and blood Custom chasis for 50k Scania V2.0.5 Fixed release
All bugs should be fixed now.
6x L chasis now display with all wheels.
Sideskirts Type C have now propper chrome material
Sideskirts type “X”C now have new custom fenders. (in all chasis variants)
Lights on the hose plate now glow in propper red color.

Author: GT-Mike


9 thoughts on “Custom chasis for 50k Scania V2.0.5 Fixed

  1. Djim Kolli

    Respect GT Mike!

  2. Trucker Melli

    superklasse arbeit, danke dir.

  3. BlackOcen

    GT-Mike: Can you update the 50K 2008 truck it-self please? I get ALOT ALOT errors saying missing sii etc.


  4. As always from you GT-mike, a stunning piece of work. Thanks 🙂

  5. Scaniaman

    Doesen’t work 🙁 I have 1.8.

  6. DutchTrucker19

    I have found a (in my eyes) pretty annoying bug, please click te link to see it:

    Can you fix this?

  7. can you convert this to a scania r2009??

  8. Really nice mod well made and love the tag axle chassis as I have been able to make the truck I wanted. Ony bit of criticism is that the tag axle chassis is too long. Could u make it the same size as 6×2 chassis.
    thanks AJHam

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