Custom Scania Vabis V8 Skin for RJL

Vabis V8 (1) Vabis V8 (2)

A custom made Scania Vabis V8 skin. This is the correct version as it appears I uploaded the wrong one before. Apologies to everyone who downloaded the wrong one.

Includes light blue metallic flake paint, v8 griffon logo on long side skirts, vabis logo on back of cab, and scania and v8 logo on sides. Works best on the topline cabin.

Author: sevquis


4 Responses to Custom Scania Vabis V8 Skin for RJL

  1. ProTrucker says:

    Nice mod!
    Only got one question:
    Which trailer mod is that?

    • sevquis says:

      I run several, but it might be a jazzycat trailers and and cargo mod, latest one is 3.3. Or it could be one of the others I have.

  2. Horta says:

    cool MOD!

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