Custom streamline paintjob for Single&MultiPlay


You can change color of pattern on Streamline’s painjob.
Color choice is yourself.

This mod can use in multiplayer.
1. Choice color in single.
2. Game save.
3. Login Multiplayer:)

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5 Responses to Custom streamline paintjob for Single&MultiPlay

  1. Opaola says:

    How did you made this skin becuase it´s not a dds file

    • says:

      её может и нет в этих файлах но она работает это факт сам проверил и товарищи сказали что её видно со стороны

    • kuzo_sora says:

      I changed setting file for streamline’s paintjob.

  2. Robert says:

    link wheels pls

  3. Robert says:

    link for wheels please?

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