Czech Map/MajooouMap 1.4.7 [1.28]

MajooouMap 1.4.7 for 1.28.x is the Czech Map in real scale.
DLC’s East, North and France are required!
– adapted to version 1.28
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How to install?
1) Download TWO .rar files (MajMap1.rar and MajMap2.rar)
2) extract .rar files – now you have FOUR .scs files
3) Move .scs files into a folder “mod”.
4) Open ETS2
5) You have to make a new account and activate the four modes of the MajooouMap in the Mod Manager
then switch the playing modul to MajooouMap1.mbd
6) Just go ahead and play!

You can share this map but KEEP THE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK!
If you have any ideas how to improve the map, just let us know about it on our facebook page.



6 thoughts on “Czech Map/MajooouMap 1.4.7 [1.28]

  1. PLZ link to trailer.

  2. Please video ?

  3. Not working, profile crashes upon load. 1.28 beta, standalone map, new profile, no other mods apart from majooou… Any ideas?

    1. Dont choose scania favourite truck, because when i choose that, the game crash, try DAF or something….

  4. BattlefieldmanCZ trailer for Majoou map

    Bezva mapa:))

  5. SpeedyGTR

    Mě tahle mapa nefunguje.Po vytvoření nové hry hra chvíli načítá a pak se vypne a hodí to chybu že program Euro Truck Simulátor 2 přestal pracovat.

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