Czech Student Agency Bus mod + Passengers FINAL (fixed)

Czech Student Agency Bus mod + Passengers FINAL (fixed)-1 Czech Student Agency Bus mod + Passengers FINAL (fixed)-2 Czech Student Agency Bus mod + Passengers FINAL (fixed)-3

FIXED version————————————————————————————–
Extract rar archive and copy all scs files to your mod folder.
With this mod you can drive with Student agency buses. It is czech favourit people transport company. Change garage, add passengers, bus skin, logos, add two buses Volvo 9700 and Mercedes Marcopolo with real driver and stewardess skin.
I fixed the compability with 1.18 and now work. Compability with TSM 6.0, Brutal environment, All jazzycat and other.
I haven´t got any license, so if you are modder you can modify everything.
Thanks for authors of Mercedes and Volvo model, then for definition by MAGY.
I hope that you like it. Greeting from Czech republic.

I am not author of bus models i make only skins and other. Thanks Tom


8 Responses to Czech Student Agency Bus mod + Passengers FINAL (fixed)

  1. Christer says:

    Don’t know if it is my game or the mod and it was the only way to make the mod work but I have problem with this mod when I picked up the passenger I got an invisible trailer and if I missed a corner the invisible trailer got stuck on road rails and effectively stopped my bus. I tried it in ETS 2 1.18 with DLC Scandinavia and Going east.

  2. sunnoco says:

    Excellent work! Thank you for sharing. A few bugs in log file, but nothing that cannot be fixed or affect the game. Same “bug” as above with passenger trailer and also I couldn’t pass any toll gate without hit the “0” button, but for me those minor details doesn’t count.
    So, if you like to drive a bus, you’ll find them at Volvo and Mercedes dealers. They work in 1.18 and also with Jeep Cherokee Safety Car mod.
    Once again, thank you so much and keep up the great and hard work.

  3. TaiwanOCZ says:

    I dont see passage mod?what the?

    • Tom says:

      You can see passangers in cargo offer as “Pasajeros” 🙂

  4. prince says:

    the bus cant able to pass thru the toll gate and also where ll be the passengers available . how to pass the toll gate

  5. Nathan says:

    Any Chance we could have some other skins with the models? The models are quite nice btw

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