Czech Student Agency Bus mod + Passengers

Czech Student Agency Bus mod + Passengers-1 Czech Student Agency Bus mod + Passengers-2 Czech Student Agency Bus mod + Passengers-3

With this mod you can drive with Student agency buses. It is czech favourit people transport company. Change garage, add passengers, bus skin, logos, add two buses Volvo 9700 and Mercedes Marcopolo with real driver and stewardess skin.
I tested on 1.17 and work great, but you can try it on 1.18 and write comment, please
I haven´t got any license, so if you are modder you can modify everything.
Thanks for authors of Mercedes and Volvo model, then for definition by MAGY.
I hope that you like it. Greeting from Czech republic.

I am not author of bus models i make only skins and other. Thanks Tom


8 Responses to Czech Student Agency Bus mod + Passengers

  1. Version 1.18 says:

    It doesn’t work at 1.18

  2. nicu skins says:

    hey man the bus crashed my game

  3. ramses says:

    not working on 1.18, game crash

  4. Gamer says:

    It doesn’t work on 1.18 or 1.17. It just crashes.

  5. David9898 says:

    1.18 not working, game crash

  6. Tom says:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD ! IT IS not compabilite with 1.18.
    I make this mod so :
    This mod doesnt work for 1.18 and 1.17, i am sorry for this.
    Please download new for 1.18 fixed !! 🙂 thanks.

  7. saad says:

    where this bus appear ? in game

  8. saad says:

    just tell me any one after installing mode from where i can find that installed mode

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