CZ/SK addon Map v 2.1

CZSK addon Map (1) CZSK addon Map (3) CZSK addon Map (2)

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Update for version 1.20

The map contains additional cities Czech and Slovak Republics game ETS2.

Are necessary for the functioning of the DLC East and Scandinavia, map does not work without them.

Installing accessory at your own risk.
The map is locked, subsequent updates maps deliver as complete.

Authors: SCS, FLD, Vlasta Vasicek, Luke Bunting, Peter Voltr, Roman71, PetrCZE, Standa

DOWNLOAD 144 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 144 MB [Uploadfiles]

16 Responses to CZ/SK addon Map v 2.1

  1. ramses says:

    this version if the map works with promods, poland rebuilding and rusmap?

    • Piratxxx11 says:

      NO..only standalone map. Not work with others maps. ok? Only this map.

      • dctoe says:

        I have been using it with the current Rus Map with no problems, unless something was changed in this latest release.

        It doesn’t work with TSM Map however.

  2. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Video…
    Map is not compatible with the others, because of the use of the same sectors in the Czech borderland map the others …

  3. Pista1 says:

    It would be nice if it worked this map with a map PolskoRebuilding. AmlouvĂĄm for bad English.

    • Floxbiee says:

      2.0 Wortk with Pro mods, Poland rebulding, Russian map, EAA – Brazil map.

  4. Human says:

    same cool

  5. houssem says:


    • maddison says:

      You know that writing in caps is shouting in the net? 😉
      And can your read? The answer to this question is above.

  6. rondo says:

    had to uninstall this due to the fact that my mods turned white and i got random flashes all the time;(

  7. El Greco says:

    Sorry guys but I’ve read above that map is standalone.
    Well I put CZ/SK addon Map v 2.1 in a new profile with the latest updates of ProMods & Poland Rebuilding, yesterday released, 1.97.
    It works perfectly to me all together.
    So it’s a wonderful map (thanks to the author) AND compatible with other maps.

  8. Mort says:

    Dear Vlasta, Slovakia is Felvidék (Hungary)!

  9. mkettu31 says:

    is there home garages in any town on czech or slovakia?

    • El Greco says:

      No. Only in the maon cities. Addon cities has only companies

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