D.B Creation’s “AI Traffic Mods” for 1.37 |1.36 | 1.35

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We The D.B Creation Dev Team Germany present you our mods, which we have been working on for years. We would be happy if you visited us on our homepage.
There you can download our mods, chat with us or contact us directly via Discord.

Upgrade your Euro Truck Simulator 2 to a new level with our mods. Our Mods are all standalone Mods and compatible with ProMods 2.46, RusMap, JazzyCat & NaturaLux Mods.

Traffic Intensity & Behavior
Traffic Unlocks ( add hidden SCS Vehicles to the Traffic )
Traffic Essentials ( Realistic Textures for Signs, Traffic Lights, Streets and more )
Traffic Trailer Mods ( more than 200 different Trailes from standard, WoT Events to Heahy Duty )
Realistic weather
and much more …

All our other mods also have changes that are not important. Only compatibility improvements have been made.
More Information can you find on our Homepage.

So, what are you waiting for ?

[*** D.B Creation Dev Team Germany ***]
[CEO/Founder] Dustin Banduch
[Admin] JohnBoy
[Programming Lead] Kai Tanner
[Beta Tester] Ansgar Landmann
[Beta Tester] Mr. Daniel T.

E-Mail Support: [email protected]

ETS 2 mods by D.B Creation Dev Team Germany
are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative 4.0 International License.
Based on the work of
SCS Software S.R.O

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[Information] The download link takes you to our homepage !

D.B Creation Dev Team


5 thoughts on “D.B Creation’s “AI Traffic Mods” for 1.37 |1.36 | 1.35

  1. Way too complicated,too much advertisements,too much trouble.

    1. They don’t deserve a cent – it’s absolute copyright infringement, theft for profit, disrespect for other people’s work and the original finished product!

      1. jeanmichel

        Tout à fait de plus le Mod fais flasher mon ordinateur et de plus rien ne change dans le trafic

  2. Octavian101

    Best modding group, plenty of must have mods for free updated every time

  3. SCS as a company do not wish to have paid mods.
    The legality of paid mods is in a grey area when it comes to the use of branding and logos used without the consent of the owners. While we understand that not all paid mods use the IP of other companies/people, it is very hard to moderate what is an isn’t acceptable when money is involved. There are also concerns that it could look unfavourable to potential work partners going forward if SCS allow mods that may potentially use unlicensed branding. As such the only option is to simply disallow all paid mods on the official forums/sites.

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