D-TEC Combi Trailer Ownable v 1.2 (by Peerke145 1.37) – 1.43 -edit

inofficial edit to work with the current Game version 1.43

-Light fix
-Axes edited to be Lift/Steerable

known issues:
Light index (Doe recent changes)
Painted chassies reset to default
(might be fixed with the upcoming official update to version 1.3 later
aviable in the scs forum. )

Perrke145,Schulli (SMG) kartal2339

Base Model: Flexitrailer by Igor
Containers: EED123, Tony1971, Holly, Samson and SheryO
TankContainer: Marc D.
Skins & Textures: Nordisch, Pauli and Arnook
Wheels: Ventyres and Bora
Updated Cargos: John Dalton
DLC Scandinavia ready: John Dalton
DLC France/Going East: SMG
edit by Evgaisha to work with the current version 1.43.


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