D3S Cargo BDF 1.32.2 beta Tandem Cargo Transportation

D3S Cargo BDF 1.32.2beta.
Tandem cargo transportation.
The package was updated to work on the beta patch 1.32

Cargo is available for transportation in Contracts (External Orders) WoTr and in Direct Transportation orders.
Buying a trailer in the property temporarily (before the release of the patch 1.32) is NOT available.

Tested on the beta-patch

File connect in the manager mods above (by priority) than the main mod on the truck (D3S Mercedes Antos ’12 v1.2.0.123 r1.32.2b).

base 3D model: DANZ[D3S DESIGN] adaptation and editing: dobr4060


One thought on “D3S Cargo BDF 1.32.2 beta Tandem Cargo Transportation

  1. Daniel Husak

    please do this trailer for buy in shop

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