D3S MB Antos ’12 fix Dealer for beta 1.31D3S

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Registration of MB Antos truck in Mercedes dealership (for beta-patch 1.31.x).
The truck is available for purchase.
Connect with a higher priority than the main mod.

DANZ, revision 1.31-dobr4060


9 thoughts on “D3S MB Antos ’12 fix Dealer for beta 1.31D3S

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.31…

  2. REVIEW update:

  3. KRT_Trucking

    Still no cable connections, there4 only for 1.30

    1. We are driving IN the truck and NEWER see this cables !!
      Absolutely 1d10tic and not important updates for this game !

      Thanks for this fixes for get to driving this amasing old mods !

      But all how you will be waiting update this cables on this trucks )))

    2. This is a Fix for the Dealers.
      There are a Lot of modded Trucks with Fixes for 1.31 and they
      don´t have Cables.
      Trucker is right, you cannot see them when you drive. They are only
      good for Screenshots. LOL

    3. In Place of this sh1tty Cables, they should better change the “new System” to repaint the new Scania and other Models.

      Why making the Life easy, when it can be complicated… 🙁

  4. Funktioniert+der+Mod+auch+auf+der+1.30+einwandfrei?

    1. B.Y.RGaming


  5. bladelempalador

    hey … I want to run your mod on american truck simulator by means of Mod_TruckShop_Ets2_for_Ats_v2
    since the
    Mercedes-Benz Antos ’12 is the best of the best I urge you to make it run by means of this mod thank you very much … take it into account in ATS 1.31.1

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