D3S Mercedes Antos’12 r1.35.1.x

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– full support of game engine features.
– quality midPoly 3D model.
– HQ texture and shadow map.
– includes default paintjobs SCS.
– the truck tractor and (or) the rigid chassis are completed two or three-axis chassis, various cabins, engines and transmission.
– have their tandem curtain trailers and semitrailer.
– tested on game version
changes patch 1.35:
-changed the structure of the mod (one main and one additional (optional) file).
-adaptation under the patch 1.35.1х
-DirectX 11 support.
-SCS Mega low loader semi-trailer returned.
-patch cable support added.
-added the ability to buy two of its tandem trailers and its semi-trailer.
-added adjustment of the position of the steering column and accessories on the steering wheel.
-the onboard computer activates the differential lock indicators, truck lift axles.
-changed the operation mode of the wipers (four modes).
-reconfigured adjustments of all truck chassis and trailers under patch 1.35.
-other minor settings and fixes..

base model – DANZ, adjustment of the model using ZModeler3 in patch 1.34.x – il_86, adaptation and editing for actual patches – dobr4060


12 thoughts on “D3S Mercedes Antos’12 r1.35.1.x

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  2. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

  3. jol néz ki

  4. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.35…


  5. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  6. .scs ?

    1. nektarios543

      probably it’s an archive that works like an .scs archive and it can be show in the mod manager

    2. Open the Archive, you will find 2 zip Files inside. Put them into your Mod Folder and enjoy. 🙂

  7. Shigure89

    Nice! Thank you for updating this bad boy!

  8. sieunhanshit

    Nice! Thank you for updating this bad boy!

  9. cürümcüler tv

    HD Test Video 1.35

  10. no right hand steer?

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