Dacia Logan 2011 1.36

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-Adapter for 1.36
-Added frame on the dashboard
-Added real front mirror
-Added real buttons for the dashboard console
-Added exhaust,rear bumper speaker,front lip and eyelids on the headlights
-Added CD Player Pioneer
-Renault Clio 2017 steering wheel
-custom license plate from Romania
-Sandero interior(trzpro original author and edit by me DaNN_YT)
-1 engine option
-5 speed gearbox
Do not edit the mod without asking me! (DaNN_YT) contact me on instagram!
Do not change link!
You can ask me if you want to edit car on Instagram: @xdanny1357
The car is not stable at roads,please open console and type “g_suspension_stiffness 0.1” and enter!
Author Car: DaNN_YT(DaNnY3L on my channel Youtube)
Author Interior: trzpro

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DaNN_YT, trzpro


19 thoughts on “Dacia Logan 2011 1.36

  1. I had to post 3 photos, but the site is a bit bugs, did not let me post 2 more pictures, but the rest you can see in the video posted by me below and in the future videos that will be posted

  2. can you help me how to install de mod.It is dowloading in html

    1. Imposible in HTML

  3. MohSkinner

    thanks bro for this car plz Template bro

  4. Give me a mod with Dacia steering whell but like this car pls.

    1. Please tell me your name on Instagram or Facebook to send you the Dacia steering wheel version. I put the Renault steering wheel because it looks more sporty, I also saw the Dacia Logan with the steering wheels changed!

  5. cum+ai+facut+ca+gps+sa+vorbeasca+?

    1. Descarci de pe site: Romanian Language (Ioana) for Voice Navigation

    2. Descarci de pe site: Romanian Language (Ioana) for Voice Navigation.

    3. Doamne ce site buguit s-a postat de 2 ori comentariul

  6. MohSkinner

    plz Template bro

  7. ### is this ####?

  8. Imi poti da te rog si mie versiunea cu volan de Dacie? Radu Gabără sunt pe Facebook!

    1. Da,am sa iti dau versiunea cu volan de Dacia,dar am lucrat la o noua versiune,am pus scaune BMW din piele,tipsuri la evacuari si inca o chestie la oglinda frontala,daca vrei iti pot da noua versiune cu volan de Dacia sau chiar si versiunea de pe site.

    2. Esti baiatul cu poza de coperta cu Dragnea cu catusele? Daca esti tu iti dau cerere

      1. Scuza-mi raspunsul intarziat, da, sunt baiatul cu Dragnea la coperta! As vrea doar varianta cu volan de Dacie.

  9. ddavyd007

    Salut! La mine nu se aude semnalizarea autentica de logan… se aude exact ca la skoda, tot..

    1. Dezactiveaza din modurile cu masini,lasa activ numai Loganul si o sa iti mearga!

  10. can+you+make+the+car+like+not+modified+thanks+(btw+i+dont+have+a+insta+or+facebook+but+i+can+do+something+else)

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