Dacia Logan MCV 2012 (1.44)

Dacia Logan MCV 2012 updated to 1.44
Convert model from GTA San Andreas
Do not edit without permission from SerbianMods!
Main author: SerbianMods
Interior author: JUVENILE
Convert: DaNnY3L

SerbianMods, JUVENILE, DaNnY3L


4 thoughts on “Dacia Logan MCV 2012 (1.44)

  1. Bro, we want the original Dacia from Romania interior and exterior. Please, at least make 2 versions. One with the Renault one and the other one with Dacia. Please mate!

  2. versiunea cu volanul original era mai frumoasa dar ma multumesc si cu aceasta

  3. Please switch the logo with the original Dacia one

  4. Just one difference. Dacia is not Renault

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