Daf 105 DRL Pack

That pack contains 3 variants of DRL :

Please, respect my work, don’t reupload !

Gab_BBZ, for BBZCustomGarage


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5 thoughts on “Daf 105 DRL Pack

  1. The_One_Over_There

    i’ve been waiting on something like this for many years,

    They usually don’t work as DRL, But still cool to see this

    1. Alright, Enjoy ^^

      1. The_One_Over_There

        after testing it i found something odd,

        It somehow removes my license plate

  2. Lastkraftwagenfahrer

    Nice mod, please do it for the skyligths too 🙂

  3. dutch_trucker_markus

    Could You make it compatible with Vadik?

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