DAF 2021 FOR OLD PATCHES V1.0 1.39

DAF 2021 XG and XG+ an ETS2 Newcomer for 1.39 patch with old reflections.
For guys who still playing on patch 1.39 and lower.
Can be converted down to lower 1.3x patches.

SCS(model); adapted by vasja555


3 thoughts on “DAF 2021 FOR OLD PATCHES V1.0 1.39

  1. nice initiative, thanks! I did it also but same as you the blue left and right gauges are not working and I have no skills to do it unfortunately . everything else is fine, works also in ATS.
    so it you make the gauges working and post an update later, don’t forget to add also a paypal link !

    1. Author upload on modland – net only, and there can read your comment, this is re-upload

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