DAF 3600 ATi


– Pokupaetsya at DAF dealer and replaces all DAF
– Interior default
– Configuration 1 (4×2)
– 1 Type of cabin
– Ambient Occlusion done
– Added svetomaska
Adjusted for the roof of the lattice
– Add your own mirror
– Paint (support for colors “metallic”, too)
– The wheels are not included

Laxi, Ive, Robertas


15 Responses to DAF 3600 ATi

  1. joe_alker says:

    Before everyone starts hating on him for no standalone and no interior, he is working on both.

  2. ROX says:

    Video ???

  3. Sib3rius says:

    Nice work, however Snaip I think created the base model… unless there’s another 3600 that was made. Nice model nonetheless.

  4. spiky says:

    Looking great so far! I would like to get it when its a ready standalone- cauze the XF are cool as well. Keep going!

  5. DidgeXF says:

    thats well sweet the old 3600 and 3800 have always been my favorite DAF’s i’ll deffo be having when it’s completed hopefully not too long

  6. Wrighty says:

    Been waiting for a decent Daf 3600 for ages, Great work Thanks

  7. Lincolnimp2457 says:

    no .scs file for the truck, please help 🙂

    • Laxi says:

      Just put “zzzDAF_3600_ATi.zip” in mod folder and activate it.
      Game also supports zip files.

  8. volvof88 says:

    very very nice! those where very nice trucks back in the days. You also had them with cummins gearbox the clutch and shifter where kinda heavy compared to the volvo f1220. those old trucks where very reliable and also love the grill and headlights very tough look! love to see this truck back in ets2 will be waiting for interior 😀 thanks guys for making a nice classic!

  9. amir hesariir says:


    • Laxi says:

      Truck HAS NOT that physics, actually I haven’t touched physics, it’s default.

      If you already want to record this truck, record it as it should – ORIGINAL.

  10. JoloTrucker says:

    Wow super Nice, but please make a interior because that’s really beter because i lakke that with radio that give a feeling of real.

  11. @dr_jaymz says:

    nice but still have some bugs (weird shadows, bad cabin alignment, no own interior), good start for what could be a great unique mod. thanks!

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