DAF CF v 1.0


DAF CF Truck with Trailer

Author: Diamond modding


4 thoughts on “DAF CF v 1.0

  1. whay is it no one can make a good us truck mod

    1. Wait for ATS, this is EURO Truck Simulator and you won’t find many US Trucks in Europe.

  2. The only really good US truck mod I know is the Peterbilt 389 v4 or whatever is the last version.

    What is really annoying for me about trucks mod, european or US, is that not any modder seems to know how to make a body looks good.
    It’s alway too shiny, or too mat. It’s quite never like the vanilla trucks. Why ? What is the problem ?

    So, this mod is not an exception. the truck itself looks good but the body doesn’t have the correct material thing. It’s pretty obvious, and it’s a turn off for me.

  3. i Am from Eu Denmark 1 proplem wit eu its ####. to menny bad Lows the wont you to dirve longer in a truck 1 proplem you cant make them longer to make them streamlign.

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