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DAF CF 75,three types of cabin, tuning parts

Tested 1.12.1



12 Responses to DAF CF 75

  1. MrAmaeg says:

    It looks nice, but please make it standalone, the other Dafs look nice too ^^

  2. Belarus says:

    Map? What name of this map?

  3. adinhoa says:

    WHYYY, damn you why it repalces all the DAF trucks.

  4. Sarkissian says:

    I could make it standalone, but I don’t have much free time at the moment. Gonna try,but could take some time.


    • adinhoa says:

      Okay, will be waiting. Also some tuning parts such ### changeable grill could be nice.

  5. Theosz says:

    1) In my setup the right sideskirt is “thru” gas tank

    2) The front bar (above bull bar) is “flying” there is not conection beteween truck.

    3) Why replace all DAFs? take one slot, please!!!

    I have a warning on game.log.txt:

    [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/daf_xf/truck.pmg’ with size 35497094

    plese, republish if fix it

  6. Faelandaea says:

    Looks promising. Basically the first thing i did was make it replace all the Iveco trucks. Iveco is completely useless, and I like the default DAF trucks, so changing this to the Iveco dealership greatly increases gameplay enjoyment 🙂

  7. Willeminus says:

    It’s not a CF75 , it’s a CF85

    My wish would be make a Euro6 CF and not the one there is for ETS1 , but a complete newone , with the right roof on it 😉

  8. michnitro says:

    I have downloaded this version and dont appear tuning parts

  9. max says:

    Standalone please.

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