Daf CF 85.480


Model author: Mr.Green Изменения: Фанис
Conversion: Mr_Zver Автор конверт в ETS2: fenderok

There chassis 4×2, {6×2, 6×4}


12 thoughts on “Daf CF 85.480

  1. Looks good, but why is the file an exe?

  2. audiquattros1

    what truck does it replace?

  3. Thought so, exe attempts to instal other software and needs to be stopped by task manager.
    If it’s a legit mod, give us a simple rar please.

  4. just open the exe file and there are the scs file. Do not make so much hassle about everything.

    1. Ooooo sorry for making hassle dear.
      There are betetr options for file hosting/downloading. There is no need to use sites like that.
      It would save us all hassle.

  5. The file is a RAR, before you click download un tick the box below it.

    This will open a popup with big download button do not click that and close that popup.

    Now back to the main window look for a blue box with “Click here to start download from sendspace” click that and your download will begin.

    these sites are set up to catch you out and instal #### to your computer. but it offers the uploader free space to upload his files.

  6. This is a good model however the downside, it replaces all XF’s and comes with curtains 🙁 which in my view make trucks look ######.

    So on this occasion i have removed this mod for the above two reason’s.

  7. Jon Taylor

    I love these little DAFs but I’m not prepared to lose my XFs…. Anyway you can make the CFs a ‘stand alone’ truck?

  8. I did not replaced any truck
    v 1.3.1

  9. I mean this mod doesn’t work with v1.3.1

  10. I see i have V1.3.1 oh well.

  11. Joe Alker

    Works completely with 1.3.1, even on low-end computers

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