DAF CF 85 Fixed

– Sandalone truck
– There are three kinds of wiper pattern
– fixed wheels and collision
– Test in version 1.27
– Good game!

Trucker94, ZY Express, Ventyres


5 Responses to DAF CF 85 Fixed

  1. EgoMaster says:

    Reuploaded thrash from 2013. Nothing’s fixed. It was already a bad mod in 2013 with back of the cabin hitting the trailer in tight turns. It’s even worse now. Stay away!

    • fregaropa says:

      As EgoMaster said DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Such a shame too because it’s a nice little truck i would like to use. We can only hope some day someone with the skills required can update it correctly.

  2. Register says:


  3. Kenseth says:

    fake old mod it!!

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