DAF CF 85 Fixed

– Sandalone truck
– There are three kinds of wiper pattern
– fixed wheels and collision
– Test in version 1.27
– Good game!

Trucker94, ZY Express, Ventyres


5 thoughts on “DAF CF 85 Fixed

  1. EgoMaster

    Reuploaded thrash from 2013. Nothing’s fixed. It was already a bad mod in 2013 with back of the cabin hitting the trailer in tight turns. It’s even worse now. Stay away!

    1. fregaropa

      As EgoMaster said DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Such a shame too because it’s a nice little truck i would like to use. We can only hope some day someone with the skills required can update it correctly.

  2. fake

    1. does it work?? so you to game not crash??

  3. fake old mod it!!

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