DAF CF 85 v.2.0


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* No replaces. Buy online or DAF dealers
* Three types of cabins
* Six types of chassis: 4×2, 6×2, 6×2/4, 6×2 Taglift, 6×2/4 Midlift and 6×4
* Engines and Transmissions (DAF XF)
* Own Interior
* Can be painted
* Own wheels
* Includes some accessories for tunning or modify the cabin

* Tested in version: 1.16.2

Known issues:

* No have interior in the UK version
* Appear some errors in the console above the Interior
* The wipers do not move from the outside
* Has default the plate


* Author GTS Model: Mr.Green and AU44
* Author Conversion ETS 2: Niksarlı
* Author Interior: Mr.Green and Kirill73rus
* Author Interior Skins: Boris Lozac
* Author Tires: Gayka and Maxim Strukov
* Author Independent Model and Updates: Indomable

Mr.Green, AU44, Niksarlı, Kirill73rus, Boris Lozac, Gayka, Maxim Strukov, Indomable



8 thoughts on “DAF CF 85 v.2.0

  1. thx for sharing

    I think this truck is very expensive and I have messages in full my game.log.txt

    00:00:49.260 : [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/daf_cf/truck.pmg’ with size 35497094
    00:00:59.816 : [model] Unknown look name ‘look2’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/daf_cf/interior/model.pmd’
    00:00:59.816 : Falling back to first variant and look for interior model. Expect problems.
    00:01:02.880 : [model] Unknown look name ‘look2’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/daf_cf/interior/model.pmd’
    00:01:02.880 : Falling back to first variant and look for interior model. Expect problems.

    1. … v1.16.2s

  2. George frost

    Hi great mod just wondering why my trailer connects so far back is this my game or the mod 6×2 chassis thank you

  3. http://youtu.be/vOdJ1A5vcRs DAF CF Edit it So bad

  4. Ver 1.16.2 game crash.Please fix this.

  5. Is there any reason why this mod will not show up in my game. Got the latest patch and just refuses to show up. I can See DAF CF Wheels but not the vehicle. Some help would be appreciated

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