DAF Crawler for 1.23 & 1.24

DAF-Crawler-1 DAF-Crawler-2 DAF-Crawler-3

YouTube preview

2 cabins
2 chassis
2 interior
2 variant wheel
New engines and sounds

Before you pick up a trailer, you need to let go of the axis

1.24 (first link)
1.23 (second link)

Tested on version 1.23 & 1.24

Authors: Mogome, Alex Brody, vovangt4, Yuri Shitov

DOWNLOAD 23 MB for 1.24
DOWNLOAD 23 MB for 1.23

6 Responses to DAF Crawler for 1.23 & 1.24

  1. TSMTeam says:

    Video Reviev ► youtube.com/Eurotrucksimmod

  2. Ronon says:

    Question is this a real truck or just a mod created for fun?It look’s great good work.Maybe u guys can create a Maz 537

  3. JonTheVGNerd says:

    Where to find the DAF Crawler? Its not in DAF dealers.

    • JonTheVGNerd says:

      Nevermind, found it. Just gotta transform it from DAF XF.

  4. Levente says:

    The Truck doesnt show up in the daf dealer.help?

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