DAF Crawler & High Lift 1.0 ver1.8.x


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It is a vehicle which I made with the concept of off-road use DAF.
It does not support the 1.9.x version.
Updated information, please refer to the WoT or blog.



29 Responses to DAF Crawler & High Lift 1.0 ver1.8.x

  1. A High Hamster says:

    looks really good! just need some good trailers for it

  2. mogome says:

    Trailer is included.
    Usage is described in my blog .
    Address is described in youtube.

  3. Metaltom68 says:

    Not Work Error with Winrar

  4. PallMall says:

    IP address, referrer, browser and operating system identification were detected and matched with the collected data retention by your Internet access provider communication data and profiles.

  5. Baba says:

    very good job, TYVMuch

  6. mankata78 says:

    only DAF you work ???
    make it work for all,PLSS

  7. Vedrano says:

    Great truck, now waiting for some trailers for it 🙂

  8. Madatij says:

    Would it be possible to make it work on game version 1.4.8 (crashes when I try to select the cab)? I use no other DAF specific mods.

    • Ja says:

      Why would you play with that old version?

    • ClassicDutchTrucker says:

      I smell a pirated game…

      • Madatij says:

        Well if I had a regular job and if the government wouldn’t constantly screw things up I would be easyly be able to get a legit game. But so I rather spent the money for something more important.

        As for the old version… I use because I have a scania mega mod which I really like but it hasn’t been updatet

  9. 2play4fun007 says:

    GamePlay ;;;; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lucq0SL477w&feature=youtu.be

    Subscribe 4 more vids ~~~~!!!

  10. mankata78 says:

    will answer anyone ???

    • mogome says:

      It takes time to make.
      No plans to make another track for now.

  11. Iranian driver says:

    It is very very very beautiful.Thank you

  12. blackpanther says:

    Please make this for 1.9 because it amazing.

    • mogome says:

      There is a problem with the 1.9.x paint job.
      I am waiting for the response of the modeling software.
      And, it takes time to work, please wait patiently.
      1.9.x ver will report on the my blog.

  13. mogome says:

    If you lament trailer is not able to connect at high lift vehicle.
    Usage is described in my blog.

  14. Mikevankeulen says:

    I can get the camouflage skin? woodland camouflage?

  15. RoGoR says:

    can i get link for the skin

  16. krek1761 says:

    ребята может для скании так же переделаете?

  17. poda says:

    Please make this for 1.9 because it amazing great ..

    i play on 1.9 …bug when it rain ..

  18. Zachary Monroe says:

    please make this vehicle for the 1.9 please because i just updated my game and found this vehicle so please update it o the 1.9

  19. Rayyan says:

    can you do it for version

  20. Bumbiturbo says:

    Why dosent the wheel works? I have tried with only this mod. and I cant get the wheels ingame. Version.

  21. zuputo says:


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