Daf Evo Wing + Trailer


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Mod was tested on 1.21 version with no errors
No DLC accessories cab

Scs , jr65

DOWNLOAD 65.6 MB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 65.6 MB [directupload.net]

29 thoughts on “Daf Evo Wing + Trailer

  1. RhastalordTV

    1080p60fps ᴴᴰ Review Video of Truck:

  2. Holy ####, this is ugly as ####

    1. TheCrimsonFuckr

      Still looks more fuckable than your mother. 😉

  3. WOW! Thats so awesome! Thank you for sharing it, i hope you will keep it updated when SCS makes new patches.

  4. BearGrylls

    Video review HD1080 https://youtu.be/zq7EpIkhwN0

  5. pl_tv_software

    DAF Evo Wing

    1000 ph
    – HD 1080P: https://youtu.be/ObWhfSbZZzg

  6. Great Truck, nice to Drive and awesome to look at….But….

    The Breaks are too strong, one little push on the Keyboard and the Truck stop complete….and….the curtains on the side windows are too much….no chance to look for Traffic while leaving somewhere or getting around some corners.

    1. The brakes works fine, you can ajust them under options ingame and the curtains i have to agree, it’s hard to look for trafic when you try look to the left or right. The truck is so amazing and that one thing i can live with 🙂

      1. For 1.22??

  7. mikehackenbacker

    looks great,a scania would be nice please

  8. TheCrimsonFuckr

    Love the look of the truck, hate the interior. Nice work though.

  9. Are there any way to contact the creator of this amazing truck mod? Does he or she have a facebook?

  10. David A King

    At first glance I figured this would be like the Scania that came out awhile ago, nice but buggy as all get out. Went ahead and downloaded it to try it. WOW is all I can say. Curtains are a bit much, and brakes hard, but adjustable. The cameras in place of mirrors are a wicked idea but dis concerting to see raod moving, will get used to that. Love the rumble of the V12, sounds really really wicked. Running mine on TSM map and have a run from Sevilla to Stavanger that is a heavy haul. Truck doing great with the load. Great Job!!!

  11. scania fan

    Nice truck ,veru good job) if it possible to create Scania truck?)

  12. WOW! what a truck! This thing is awesome! Shame my pc cant quite run it.. Awesome job tho! Been playing ETS2 for 2years and this is the best truck ever!

  13. RayFiftyOne

    Its so ####### ugly!! I saw it on world of trucks yesterday as an editors pick. The must have been drunk. I did’nt vote for it. Piece of ####.

  14. me there is no trucks in dealer

  15. Where to buy this truck?

  16. for all people have you a template this mod . i need please

  17. 630hp please!!!!

  18. ajuswahyu

    saya ingin main game+ini


    hello it’s possible to have it in 1.28 Thanks


    hello it’s possible to have it in 1.28

  21. hello mine has needs a password

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