DAF interior light brown light green


Tested: 1.14.x
Other mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S1)



5 thoughts on “DAF interior light brown light green

  1. joe_alker

    Thats it. Interior Modders HAVE run out of ideas.

    1. DAF Euro6 Interior…. for the colour blind…

  2. in my version of ets2 v1.14.0.4s i don’t have the folder ‘mod’ in Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder and i don’t know where to put your .scs can you help me? where to put this ?? i don’t have any mods 🙁

    1. create a folder called ‘mod’ in your Euro truck simulator folder. Place your mods in there and they will come up on your profile when you activate them

  3. its a little old but no one better than Squirrel to explain it best….


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