DAF Open Pipe Sound V7


Here is alternative Sound for the DAF XF (105 or 95)
Blinkers Sound are from Turbo Truck and exhaust exterior sound
Idle Sound are new and come from a real DAF

Author: Kriechbaum


19 thoughts on “DAF Open Pipe Sound V7

  1. !!! Excellent good work mate !!!

  2. nice sound better then another one

  3. Trollerlo

    Hi Kriechbaum! Please tell me where to get a Dutch rudder for DAF? I have a steering wheel, but only for a Scania but DAF unfortunately not on that very sad.

  4. Jordan_1000bhp

    Yoo peps! guys #### don’t this sound familiar to the other sound that this guy make ? don’t like it is nothing new to me! this dosn’t sound like DAF at all ###! Buddy you probably should take a ride in real life DAF and then make sounds! As this to me sounds like an American Truck! oh and where is quality ?? and that turbo is loud as hell dam if my trucks turbo sounded in the cab like that i probably had to go to ofecine to do some repairs on that isolation in the cab is as it is ### terrible LOL! sorry but this is not sounding like nothing from DAF but non! you probably better at US trucks this is far from DAF dude…don’t you people hear trucks ?? Like #### are you professional sound maker or are this your speciality ?? do you know how to do it proper ? What ?! get a life dude relay you ! and some other sound modders this is terrible! go and do some more research! To me sound’s like tractor at my grandpa’s farm! o.O is me only one that have this feeling ? LOL

    1. Cry a bit more ######.

  5. kriechbaum

    Thx everyone, for the classic Daf wheel, just use the Daf 105 edited by 50k, available on this site right here : https://ets2.lt/en/daf-xf-105-5/

    you made ​​me laugh a good time.

    Have you finished? or perhaps something to add ?


  6. error 404

    I like the outside sound, even if its a bit “metallic” to me, but interior i really miss the pipe sound, mind you maybe add some more pipe over all load rpm?

    Btw, i’m searching for such a kind of wheel for the 143m, do you know were i can find one?


    PS: just seen that you also have the 1000hp fan lol

  7. kriechbaum

    error 404

    In fact, windows closed, you cannot hear more the pipe than this in real. If you drive windows down, the sound is a mix of inside and outside. Personnaly i drive windows UP ahahahha.

    For the wheels, i always use these one, for almost all trucks, except americans one.

    If u want them, ask me.


    1. error 404

      Yes, but i meaned the steering wheel πŸ˜‰ Wheels, i use only the ones from the pic in my sound mod.

      Actually with the pipes, i have only one experience in a SP truck, an old 143, and believe me, in that truck, even with armoured windows you would hear the pipes very loud πŸ™‚

      However, i think, regarding the technical possibilities of that game engine that 100% “real” or “reality” sounding truck arent possible, even if its suprising how different ways some modders take to do the job for some good results sometimes πŸ˜‰

      thanks and all best

  8. What about the gear change sound? The one where it roars? πŸ™

  9. awesome DAF! watch: http://youtu.be/TY2BdV9CPgc

  10. What A Horrible Mod! Indicators Are Not DAF, There Scania’s!

  11. Amazing sound! Thanks!

  12. Please Update To 1.9.22/

  13. Kill4MeHILL

    This is MY favorite sound for DAF all-time. If you could update it so it works with 50k’s NEW DAF 105 for patch 1.9.22………That would be super kick ###! thanks for all your sounds!

  14. kriechbaum

    Hi All,

    Same download link, mod has been updated to work with standart Daf by SCS, and the nice one of 50Keda.

    See you.

  15. kriegbaum,

    could you make this sound work for the 50k scania, i know it might be weird, but i just cant find a good scania sound…

    thanks in advance

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