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Hi all,
Here’s my new open pipe sound for the Daf and the volvo.
It works for the Daf XF, XF euro6 and the XF by 50Keda.
The Volvo FH16, FH16 2012, FH13 edited by Peerke.
For 1.20x patch.



44 thoughts on “Daf & Volvo open pipe sound

  1. fantastic volvo sound there, what is the truck your driving in the video? (the volvo). i think i know but just to be sure ill ask you 🙂

  2. Zu geil !

  3. scrawderman

    What the Daf E6 mod?

  4. MikkelSmikkel

    Truck link plz! 😀

  5. Link volvo and daf ?

  6. is there any way to get this mod to Ets2 MP?

  7. for the DAF: Search for DAF XF Euro 6 Weeda [ETS 2 1.19.x] in Google. 😉

  8. BlackRooMafia

    My friend very nice sound daf euro 6 weeda 1.20 for eror What should I do to give it ?

  9. bradje530

    it is also for the ohaha

    1. Yes.

  10. A link for the VOLVO pleaseee … Thank you.

  11. Keep it up !!!!!

  12. Download links not working.

  13. Merci Kriechbaum 🙂

  14. It has been so long since this sound has penetrated my speakers. But the volvo had no stacks!!! nice trick. This sound is needed for all trucks not just these two. Be the sound engineer for all us straight pipe sound lovers. Job very well done can’t wait to hear and feel more vibes of the sound professor for ETS2-

  15. littlecat14

    excellent son !!! le meilleur jamais conçu à ce jour ! (y) si j’avais un seul reproche à faire ça serait le son qui doit être “mal” égalisé par rapport au régime moteur, je m’explique; si dans le jeu on est à 1500trs, le son (in game) est celui que l’on aurait vers 1300trs (y)

  16. great kriechbaum

  17. Very nice work kriechbaum you sounds are always the best

  18. will you be adding the other trucks as well?

  19. Amazing sounds!

  20. The best sound.thanks

  21. FH16750XL

    Please link for Volvo,the best mod…

  22. FH16750XL

    PLEASE link for VOLVO truck…the best mod !

  23. Only 1.20 ??

  24. Another awesome job, man. ETS2 wouldn’t be the same without your sounds. I honestly wouldn’t even play it.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNWuB1YSduI&feature=youtu.be Long trip with the new sound. Fully manual transmission so no BS auto shifting to really appreciate the sound. Proper driving with no jerky movements or full-throttle or full-braking mashing.

      You’re welcome.

  25. big big thanks Kriechbaum!!! that is my wish sound for my Volvo in ETS2!


  26. VOLVO is PRIVATE !

  27. Does not work in Daf XF105 50Keda =(

  28. обновите для последней версии daf keda 3.3

  29. link to trailer ! pls

  30. Kriechbaum, TY for your dound mod

    The retarder effect (and sound) doesn’t work on my pc on v1.22.2.3s when I use DAF by 50keda ( I used v3.3.1). do not matter the transmission and motor I use.

    I did not test standard DAF XF.

    Can u check?

    1. … no errors on game.log.txt

      I used

      00:00:15.237 : New profile selected: ‘Juan Martin’
      00:00:15.248 : [zipfs] Truck – DAF XF 105 (50k) .Enhanced v3.3.1 by 50Keda #1 truck.scs: read ok, 605 entries [0x2224d3fc]
      00:00:15.249 : [zipfs] Truck – DAF XF 105 (50k) .Enhanced v3.3.1 by 50Keda #2 Cabin DLC.scs: read ok, 53 entries [0x3f4640e4]
      00:00:15.250 : [zipfs] Truck – DAF XF 105 (50k) Gearboxes v1.0 by Snoman.scs: read ok, 37 entries [0x2f71609c]
      00:00:15.251 : [zipfs] Truck – DAF XF 105 Dashboard v1.0 by Piva.scs: read ok, 17 entries [0x2187034f]
      00:00:15.253 : [zipfs] Truck – DAFs Open Pipe Sound v3.0 by Kriechbaum.scs: read ok, 79 entries [0xe173825]
      00:00:20.918 : game

  31. trucker rob

    I get no working sound for my Volvo on 1.22x is anyone else experiencing this??

  32. trucker rob

    also the engine brake sound isn’t working on my daf anymore

  33. fonctionne aussi parfaitement sur 1.22 tres bon son

  34. How can I add the sound on my truck. I have a Volvo FH16 with Euro5 600 pk engine. Garage? Dealer?

  35. Liam19290

    Download link no longer works for the DAF Euro 6 would there be anyway that I would be able to get this sound??


  36. LesDaTraka

    Just simply love the open pipe sound Kriech…makes this game so much more exciting. Just updated my game to 1.22.xx and the beloved exhaust break effect simply just stooped working, haven’t been this frustrated in months PLS help sir Kriech

  37. Maybe its running for the volvo fh 2009 from ohaha ?

  38. Is a nice sound, Excelent job !

  39. No link for volvo sound ???

  40. a guy who hates broken things

    broken download link is broken please fix

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