DAF Windshield Table (1.39, 1.40)

Updated version of DAF Windshield Table

– Working on all DAF Trucks
– DAF Logo Windshield Table
– Updated to newest versions – 1.39, 1.40



5 thoughts on “DAF Windshield Table (1.39, 1.40)

  1. PokutaXTreme

    It’s to large mate. Please reduce the size 🙂

    1. GermanETS2Driver

      He will not do it because its stolen Mod! Afrosmiu made this Mod and he reskinned it and shares (stole) the whole Mod. This happend already right after V1 and Afrosmiu stopped updating the Mod.

      1. I think, it’s not the only stolen Mod from him (look the Tires and others). 🤔

  2. hi in fact I have not updated this mod anymore

    1. Salute,
      I love this Mod. And I use him until now without Problems.
      Only not to use with the MP4 😢
      Under these circumstances it will be OK, as it becomes Payware. 👍

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