It’s a straight up flatbed, I got rid of all that extra stuff on it.
It only comes with the truck, no trailer.

Wheels not included.

Ashley Johnson


11 thoughts on “DAF WND fix

  1. Yet again awesome mod Ashley! What’s the changes in this one? Currently driving in the other version at the moment. But nice job 🙂

    1. Ashley didn’t fix it up this time, I did, lol. I only credited him because he was the original author.

      1. Sorry, either way awesome mod!! 🙂 how hard would it be to make a twin steer chassis for this? I want to try and get into editing

  2. Rob if there is no trailer how are we meant to use it can we use ingame ones?

  3. now, can u make a BDF or tandem mod for DAF now WITH moddable with skins and lamps etc!

    1. Lol no.

  4. Great work, when i load the game, it causes accidents.
    It would be nice if you can do a DAF CF like this:


    1. Ashley Johnson

      I’ll give it a shot! 🙂

  5. sib3ius can u make twin steer for 6×2 or 8×4 chassis like ETS same direction and move plisss i will wait

  6. Great mod. Correct shade the rear wheels and make an option box will be just perfect. Dear author, I’m really looking forward to completion. Thanks for the good mod

  7. Would u be able to make a scania one of those it would be great email me

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