DAF XF 105.510 8×4

DAF XF 105.510 8x4 (1) DAF XF 105.510 8x4 (2)

Adapted for transportation of overweight cargoes truck DAF XF 105.510 8×4.
Mod adapted to patch 1.19
The basis is taken from the mod “DafModV1.0” which was published two years ago. Many thanks to the author.

List of changes:

Added this truck in dialer center.
Added this truck in company.
Added tuning the engine and gearbox ZF Tronic 16S 1920 TD.
Added branded headlights “DAF”.
The gear ratio of drive axles, the weight of the truck and the volume of the fuel tank have real value.
The archive contains a supplement addons to the trailers from Jazzycat (Cargo Packs v3.41, Military Cargo Pack v.1.61 and Railway Cargo Pack v1.61 ) which increased the mass of more than 100 cargoes.
The main modes you can download on the website of the author.

Tested on 1.19

Since the description of mod writer made no mention of the ban on the change in this mod, as well as publication of modified versions of this mod, I think that copyright is not violated all the more that the model did not change the chassis. Changes were only specifications.

Author model: SISU Parameters gearbox and chassis: Tornado


4 Responses to DAF XF 105.510 8×4

  1. Steve says:

    Is the middle axle liftable?

  2. Black says:

    what dealership i cant find the truck at DAF

    • Tornado says:

      The showroom of DAF 7th slot You connect the other modes that uses this slot. Try to increase the priority of this mod or disable other mode. Miracles do not happen đŸ™‚

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