Daf xf 105.510 Highpoly Convert


My Convertierter Daf XF105.510 I ask now available for download.
He may not be offered anywhere to download with credits.
Only SSC Cabin.
Have fun 😉

Truck z3d: Fastalex Ingame & mapping & Tuning: King-Scaniarider Kamaz
Razvan 50keda Hotracer Wheels: 50k Convert: Guido


26 Responses to Daf xf 105.510 Highpoly Convert

  1. Kim.Hansen_DK says:

    Really really really nice work!! Its so sweet

  2. Stefan says:

    why this agly steering wheel its not a boat LOL

  3. SCANIA_SWEDEN says:

    its not work for me when i chance the chassi to coloroded crasch my game also when i chance the cabin


  4. jordy says:

    i download m when i chance the chassi to coloroded crasch my game and when i chance the cabin plz help me and fix bugs

  5. Helm3x says:

    upgrade interior anim, this causes the crash

  6. Leah says:

    This along with the scania T730 needs to be fixed 100% before put out for download.
    Make sure that everything works as they should and that it supports patch 1.8.5.
    Mods like this is useless with all the errors that other people is unable to fix.

  7. Joe Alker says:

    Nice, but no. My processor would melt

  8. jordy says:

    plz can you make a v2 its a nice mod i have bugs in this mod 🙁

    • DaFFrank says:

      yeah because it’s a realy nice mod
      if you can make a v2 thats would be great.
      excuses me for my bad english

  9. khai says:

    ETS2 ?

  10. jordy says:

    yes i have the patch khai its not what it is i have ah red cabin en a white chassi and white backlights i hope so to make a v2 my excuses for my english i m netherlands plz help my its a nice daf and a nice interior

    • khai says:

      It bounced my I do I do not make the game bad. Now I’m going to decorate my car some games it bounced jordy do I do?

  11. khai says:

    I use patch, but I do I do bounce game jordy?

  12. ScaniaR730.Owner says:

    Hey, did you ever saw a damn ugly boat steering wheel in a scania? bcs i have plenty of these damned scania trucks and i never saw not even 1. so why the hell do you use this ugly stupid non real steering wheel???

  13. simon melkert says:

    where can you buy him?

  14. Ramin says:

    Are people stupid with the boat steering wheel ####, its called Old school if you’ve ever heard of it like the Scania’s vabis wheel

  15. oliwer says:

    it crashes the game when i change the cab help!!!

  16. ScaniaR730.Owner says:

    Ramin, i have a REAL transport company in Bergen, Norge and since 20 years i never saw that ugly steering wheel. so please…1st work once and then express your opinion. ugly steering wheel maybe of 70’s

  17. Ramin says:

    Come over here to holland and you’ll see just how much respect we have for SCANIA’S past.

  18. terrance says:

    hallo bitte mal den steinschlag schutz für den daf euro 6 erneuern danke

  19. niels says:


  20. lesley says:

    is this mod save?

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