DAF XF 105 by Stanley 1.5 patch for version 1.26.1s

daf-xf-105-2 daf-xf-105-1

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This model is independent. You can buy at DAF
This is a modification of the SCS – DAF XF 105

Tested to version 1.261.s

mod is divided into two parts – a truck and sound

Unpack the archive “DAF XF 105 560 HP by Stanley 1.5.rar” folder
Move to Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod

– Added to the browser tractors
– Regulated hinges – no need DLC
– Detachable light on the spoiler
– Removable poppy
– Added slots on the front of the frame
– Added in front of a big frame and slots
– Modified light box (glows yellow and white), and is removable
– Modified roof frame and added slots
– Added a black interior
– (Upon request) returned to their own license plate

Remove old Stanley mode and replaces version 1.5

If you like my mod, you can support me.


Any errors please report to [email protected]

Enjoy it!

Stanley, Nelson Silva, 50k, SCS Software


24 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 by Stanley 1.5 patch for version 1.26.1s

  1. StanleyLepidlo

    Opravil jsem nahlášené chby a aktualizoval pro verzi 1.26.1s
    V příští aktualizaci – povozek 4×2


  2. StanleyLepidlo

    I fixed reported bugs and updated for version 1.26.1s
    In the next update – 4×2 chassis

    1. Flying-Dutchman

      Hey Stanley can you make on next Version a Stoneguard on this Truck ?

  3. It gives me error to change the skin the game stays blocked

  4. hi very nice mods thanks and mega respekt to you and your work 🙂 is this mod working on 1.25 version to?

  5. very nice 🙂 But disappointed right side driving :(…….

  6. Hi for me the game crash when i try to enter in my save! Anyone has this problem? If yes can you tell me if you found why? Please help me if you can! Thx

    1. I found the problem an another mod blocked my game and thats why i got crash! This mod works fine!

      1. Yes, me also. When I go to the Dealer (1.26) Game is frozen and crashed.
        But that I had since 1.25

        Not in Truckbrowser, at the Dealer, when I want to change the Skin, Game ctd

        So I will forget him, sorry.

  7. Perfect

  8. TruckerJacob

    thnx mate for this upgrade
    truck is perfect no error’s here
    great job many many thnx

  9. The+truck+makes+my+game+crash+everytime+i+want+to+change+something+on+the+truck

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Send me an email error message
      [email protected]

  10. Amazing Thank you so much Never though I will find a Sharp DAF like this

  11. good mod – I want to know what map you used in your presentation because it’s magnificent thanks

  12. Its CRASHING the game as I save my game it wont let me save the game any help please

  13. idem+HappyF,plz+help…..

  14. By+the+way,I+have+a+clean+sheet,…no+downloads+etc….and+this+xf+105+never+seems+to+work….shame+:(

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upQII30t7OM
    Download of the DAF XF 105 works sooooo much better 😉

  16. Heil Alexey =D

  17. ron thanks for the link will try it out

  18. can some one please fix this one for version 1.26.2

    thank you its an amazing truck but does not work

    please fix it

  19. Works for 5 mins and then crashes at the start of the game and I’m on 1.26 too

  20. Hey Stanley can you please the daf on 1.28 patches thank you

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