DAF XF 105 by Stanley v 1.2 Update

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DAF XF 105 Stanley 1.2 – Update

This model is independent. You can buy at DAF
This is a modification of the SCS – DAF XF 105
Two variants of the engine: 560 hp twin turbo E5 and 560 hp twin turbo EEV
Each engine has its own sound
CABINA – Super Space Cab
Custom Wheels and from 50k
Edited economy
Fixed: lightmask, sidelights, rooflights, cablights and frontlights
Fixed error in interior lights
Edited paint France and Norge for lightbox
Added missing glass with cab lights
Adjusting the position of the front wheels
Added sound for EEV engine 414
Added new stickers on the sun visor

Any errors please report to [email protected]

Enjoy it!

Stanley, SCS, 50k

DOWNLOAD 305 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 305 MB [Uploadfiles]


63 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 by Stanley v 1.2 Update

  1. Sunshield that says ” Norge ” have wrong flags color. The color is danish ( Danmark) not norwegian (“Norge”)

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Thank you for the warning.
      As soon as possible to fix it


      1. StanleyLepidlo

        It’s fixed. 😉
        Wrong clicks. 😀
        Repair will see in the next update.
        Once again, thank you for the warning.

        1. No problem, thanks for update 🙂

  2. Trailers pack link please

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I’m working on it

  3. please let us self choice the roofgrill decal … i don’t like driving with STANLEY :\

  4. +1 Lol yeah the norwegian flag have blue in it !! 🙂

  5. Can you give us an e-mail account we can reach you

  6. OMFG! I love this truck! Thank you so much for this. You should post it on SCS Forum. I hope you share trailers soon from this one and the first you posted. 🙂

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Thank you

  7. Great mod Stanley really think it’s a great mod!

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Thank you 😉

  8. Thank you dude you are a great man i really keep to say thank you !!! Love you and respect for you work !!!

  9. StanleyLepidlo

    Thank you 😉

  10. Dutch-Wave

    Love the truck Stanley amazing work cant wait for the trailer :D:D

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Thank you 😉

  11. KiLLeR Modding

    just awesome truck! not even a fps lost with this beauty 😀

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Thank you 😉

  12. Great truck Stanley, thanks for sharing

  13. How to change the lightbox ??? Nothing for bad, but I do not like that. Otherwise this is a great mod.

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Please contact me on email

  14. Really nice Mod…i like it more than AlexyP his DAF mod :D…
    but it would be nice if you make everything removable like the lighbox/michelins and the Hella’s and 2 versions of the frontspoiler with and without the 4 hellas.
    and maybe an DAF XF Bullbar later. 😀
    But aniway it’s an awesom Mod. #thumbsup

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Děkuji za pochvalu a za návrhy.

      Zamyslím se nad tím 😉

      1. Stanley sorry i dont understand (I’m from Germany)

        Please write it in english 😀

        1. StanleyLepidlo

          Oh 🙂 I wrote to thank you for the compliments and suggestions.

          Think about it

  15. scooterking

    how too paint on it

    i will paint my company into it

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      The next update pack your template

  16. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel youtube.com/MrGermanTruck

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      That’s great, thanks 😉

      1. 56boneshaker

        Brilliant truck,but when gears change up or down there is a noise like someone hitting a piece of metal.Also should there be clicking noise when wipers move up?

  17. Hello Stanley.
    This isnt really a bug report but more of a request.
    Not everyone has a powerful PC and the red interior light kills fps on lower end rigs.
    I would like to ask you if you could make the light so it turns on with the beacons when you press “O” since it is not a game breaking change, but it does give some people more FPS.


    1. StanleyLepidlo

      remodel interior lamp accessories.
      Ok? 😉

  18. Thx. Very nice mod!

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Thank you 😉

  19. Bjornnilsson

    Stanley do you have Flickr ?

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I do, but I

  20. I love your DAF, it is currently only DAF truck which I have installed as an mod 😉

    Would be great ti remove materials (garage, fuel station, service entry, trailer parking place and etc out of this mod)!!

    Cheers, Kristian

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I work to the

  21. Optimus24FR

    change possibility on the truck, just the license plate front and rear, for me, your work is excellent with a small video


    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Nice, thank you

  22. I cannot get this truck to show up I have put it in my mods gone to Daf and its not there ??? I don’t understand it ?

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Not possible

      1. well i don’t see it in the Daf Garage and I only have this one daf installed??

  23. Thanks!

  24. Hey man can you Make the front curtain optional? The scs one looks like #### in my opinion… I have better ones!

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I work to the

      1. I don’t think you understand me. I mean if you could make the fron curtain optional

      2. I’m sorry. It is optional haha!

  25. Hello, Stanley,

    I think it´s a nice Truck, but I can´t find him in Game.
    Activated, so he is in the ModManager, but when I go in the Game, to Dealer or Truck-Browser, there is nothing.
    Changes Priority many Times, but he don´t like me… 🙂 1.36
    Thank you for an answer and the Truck.

    1. 56boneshaker

      Its number 4 in daf dealer.It may only be in larger daf dealers.

  26. It crashes my game :/

  27. Stanley you are from czech republic?

    1. StanleyLepidlo


      1. StanleyLepidlo


        1. Inač super DAF čo naň ešte chystáš?

  28. Great ####### mod! Finally a mod for lower gpus users :D. I ####### love this. Hope this mod will never die. I wish many people would make these kind of custom trucks for everyone not only for rocket science PCs. Thank you so much.

  29. Briljant mod, runs well on my not-so-high-end PC 🙂

    Keep up this great work!

  30. TruckerJacob

    Can you make the lightbox change with other name ???

  31. Brilliant mod 🙂 however, just one problem I found was when this truck is installed as a mod, it decreases the amount of money from quick jobs. Would this be able to be sorted? Or don’t you know? Anyway, lovely mod, and keep up the good work. 🙂

    1. Delete the economy and police data files from /def folder. They only make problems and are not necessary for this truck.

  32. scaniaboy84

    can not save the car after the mission then crashes it. to have to buy the car on again to start the mission on poured again!
    what must I do that it will not crash there?

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