Authors: Голандцы, Ринат Абдрахманов, Виктор Башманов , tomson, D o m i n i k
Convert to ETS2: D o m i n i k

Only Cabin C !
Please do not reupload it to any other server !
Don’t forget credits , R3SP3CT autors
Have a nice day !

D o m i n ik ‎


34 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 EURO 6

  1. steve white

    Download link doesn’t work for me…. shame the author won’t permit loading it elsewhere…

  2. roadrunner

    grate looking truck but is there anyway you could make it a stand alone truck so we can still use the older DAF cabs please

  3. Where can i find the truck? cant find in DAF shops…

    1. Bart van Ham

      enable the mod in your profile. It works on all versions.

      For me, the mod is a no-go. Not all parts match the new cab, only one colour available and it replaces all DAF’s. Making a mod standalone is not that hard. It just a matter of renaming some files and edit some textfiles.

  4. moi nn plus je trouve pas le daf

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    Very nice! I hope there is comming a DAF A cabin soon!



  6. Looking extremely good, nicely done 🙂

  7. César Assombro

    Excellent, simply awesome!
    Congratulations to the designer creator! 😉

  8. Where can i buy it and what version of ETS2?

  9. roadrunner

    @tm y be so picky the modder has made this and given it to you free!!!!!!!!!! be gratefull

  10. roadrunner

    @tom y be so picky the modder has made this and given it to you free!!!!!!!!!! be gratefull

  11. I am grateful! 🙂
    I just desired this lorry! 😀 Thanks to the designer!

  12. Bart van Ham

    You can find it at every DAF dealer, since it replaces all DAF’s. The only thing you have to do if it doesn’t work, is enable the mod in your profile settings or remove all other mods that affect DAF.

  13. I dont have any other mod in the mod folder than this ond? I play at v 1.3.1

  14. Bart van Ham

    Then go to your profile settings in the game and look if the mod is enabled on the right side of the menu.

  15. why is the 6×4 chassis is missing only tires and the cab are showing… the 4×2 chassis is ok but the 6×4 got a problem… please author… fix the problem in 6×4 chassis… for the admin of this site… test the mods that uploading in this site before releasing it…


  17. don’t work with 1.3.1 verso

  18. It works ok, but the interior is still the old one!!!

  19. which option should I change in order to continue the old profile on this car? In the new profile it’s work. And if you play the old profile the game has crashed

  20. I have made truck stand alone, selected by me. Im grateful to the author, I give credits, so I’ve made all this trucks stand alone, DAF Euro 6, Scania r700, etc, without replacing any truck. It’s not only editing, to do that you need to add a new brand.

    1. Can you put it online please?

    2. roadrunner

      how do you do that as thats what i have been trying to work out?

      1. I’ll put it for download when I’m sure it will not crash or something like this. The model is good, the problem is some “invisible” parts of the truck. I do that, use someone’s models and make them stand alone, totally a new brand of them. I give credits of course. Anyway, @roadrunner, give me your skype or e-mail (I prefer skype) and I will explain you how it works.

        1. I would like to learn too.

          1. Okay. Give me your skype John.

          2. My email: [email protected]



        2. roadrunner

          @Milkov my skype is darren.clark66 and my email is [email protected]
          thanks mate

        3. DvdTheBusDriver

          Me aswell

  21. ***********

    Can I ask for permission to make this 6×2 please

  22. That last post was me guys asking for permission

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