DAF XF 106 Euro 6 Open Pipe Sound


Sound for DAF XF 106 Euro 6 Truck

Author: BLiNKT


9 thoughts on “DAF XF 106 Euro 6 Open Pipe Sound

  1. Where is the Video? No video…no download!

  2. hacker1324


  3. @Tommy if you dont like than dont download and comment please

  4. If you have never heard that on a daf before then that is Your problem, and if you dont like it, why the hell bother to comment??! we dont need People like you to to comment #### on someones mod, we need more mods, and when shitheads like you comment, we might get less mods.. and that is a bad thing..

    1. My problem ? You want to say that you heard DAF E6 with straight pipe ? Then you are just ###### liar with absolutely no knowledge, because … If you had any knowledge about trucks, you would know that there is no way to make straight pipe on DAF Euro 6 yet, because of lambda probes … I dont care about getting less mods, I am able to make my own you ##### xD

      1. Tommy, please clarify how many lambda probes (oxygen sensors) there are, where the lambda probes are located on the stock exhaust of a DAF Euro6 and why they cannot be re-installed on the new “open pipe” exhaust system?

        1. If you install exhaust valve to switch between normal exhaust with muffler and straight one, and you want now to have straight pipes, logically, exhaust gases wont come through normal exhaust with lambda probes and AD Blue, automatically, when lambda probes dont detect exhaust gases coming through stock exhaust, engine reduce its performance down about 20%, thats why there is no way how to make straight pipe on DAF Euro 6 yet …

        2. Okay, but you can replace stock exhaust with straight pipe, re-plumb lambda sensors to new exhuast and remove AdBlue as there is no longer a catalytic converter anyway.

          So there is a way to make straight pipe on DAF Euro 6, it may not be legal but don’t say it’s not possible.

  5. Hi I downloaded the sound itself turns out that in the middle of nothing and pops up an error if it is available, please amend your this mod and amend your download

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