DAF XF 510


Added eg shadows under the truck and changed some small things. 4x new chassis were added, with only the chassis and 50k 50k Cabin fit together, and only 50k tuned chassis and 50k tuned Cabin fit together, it can come to Game crashes when put together

Authors: 50Keda, Fastalex, King-Scaniarider, Kamaz, Razvan, Hotracer, Guido, Ventyres, Snaip


3 Responses to DAF XF 510

  1. R440mann says:


    00:03:31.770 : The accessory ‘/def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf/interior/standard.sii’ conflicts with the accessory ‘super_s_cabd.daf.xf.cabin’, which declares it as default (directly or indirectly)! Check the integrity of the vehicle’s accessory data. Adding item aborted.
    00:03:31.778 : Interior data are missing, expect problems

    50k chassis + 50k fahrerhaus = gamecrash

    MfG R440mann

  2. XonYx says:

    Hey there.

    If i was to edit this (for personal use of course), how can i remove the curtains from the cabin (inside and outside)? Is there a tutorial for reference?

    Thanks in advance.

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